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Dear Brethren

More than ever before, Christians have an opportunity to travel to new places for business and pleasure. These new experiences, however, bring the challenge of finding a scriptural church of Christ to worship at while you are away. We are happy to tell you that your search just got a bit easier!
This service provides a living, constantly updated list of sound churches of Christ around the world. Adding your congregation to the church of Christ Directory will help true seekers of God more easily find your body of believers.

Find church of Christ

Finding a church of Christ fast has never been easier!

  1. Either search for a congregation with help of the map or type in a city/town into the search mask right below the map.
  2. The green church markers help you locate a church of Christ. They all are clickable and will give you an congregation excerpt.
  3. If you want the website to help you detect yourself on the map (Geolocation) then click on the gear wheel icon Gear Wheel to the right of the search mask. This will open a new setting panel, where you can turn on Geolocation and further determine the radius in which to search for.

Keep in mind that the coCD is NOT a search engine! Our service does not have the capabilities to crawl the web for churches of Christ. We are a directory in the “classical” sense, meaning one needs to actively sign up and add a congregation.