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New Domain Name: coc.directory The new gTLD (generic Top Level Domains) are out! We took our chances, applied for coc.directory and were awarded the domain. From now on surf our website with this brand new domain name.

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2000 Business Cards Printed

We intend to further spread the news Having a smaller sized church of Christ directory reminder is of great benefit too. It will fit in any wallet and can be easily carried around. This is why we have decided to print premium glossy business cards. Have a look at them: Front view Back view

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5000 Flyers Printed

Spread the news! We are happy to let you know that we have printed 5000 church of Christ Directory flyers. Our goal is to: [list style=”style1″] spread the news about this service create trust have a reminder at hand [/list] Front view Back view

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Logos for Linkage

Please use following official church of Christ Directory logos as links on your website Download your preferred style and size and add it as a link pointing to “coc.directory” to your website. Normal sized Small sized Your linkage effort is much appreciated! Thank you!

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Announcing church of Christ Directory Service

Dear Brethren More than ever before, Christians have an opportunity to travel to new places for business and pleasure. These new experiences, however, bring the challenge of finding a scriptural church of Christ to worship at while you are away. We are happy to tell you that your search just got a bit easier! [frame […]

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