standard-title Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why another church of Christ directory?

There are several directories out there but most of them are not regularly updated, not user friendly & seem to make it more difficult, rather than easier, to find a scriptural congregation.

We wanted to change this by providing a

  • dynamic & user friendly church of Christ global search functionality
  • large, adjustable & easy-to-navigate map with Geolocation capability that allows you to find churches of Christ near you, wherever you are in the world
  • free of charge congregation submit & editing package, where the submitter can modify his/her listing at any point in time
  • views that narrow your search to just the congregation(s) you are interested in
  • adaptive design for mobile & tablet devices - especially handy for travelers

How do I register?

  1. Click on "List Congregation" in navigation bar
  2. Notice the coCD Agreement first. If you can't confirm & accept it or agree with it then don't register your congregation
  3. After reading (and subsequently agreeing) the coCD Agreement click on "Register"
  4. Fill in your username, e-mail, check agreement & yearly reminder checkbox and sign up
  5. Check your e-mail for login info
  6. Login
  7. Navigate to the dashboard
  8. Click on your profile
  9. Change your password immediately


Wait! You are not finished yet:
After registering, add your congregation as new item into the directory

How to register step by step

How do I submit/add my congregation?

A few points to consider

  • Before you can add your congregation to the directory you first need to register yourself as a contact.
  • Enter as much information about your congregation as possible. It will enhance the experience for travelers
  • If your congregation doesn't offer a full time contact office then please add yourself as contact. This way travelers are able to contact someone from your church
  • Please upload an image of the building as "Featured Image". This makes finding & recognizing your building much easier to travelers

How to submit step by step

What are best practices for my congregation profile?

  1. Once logged in click on "Items" on the left hand side and then choose "Add new"
  2. Enter your congregation's name where it says "Enter title here"
  3. On the right hand side choose "Congregation" as item category as well as the continent & the country as item locations
  4. Provide some information about your congregation below the title & how one gets there. Feel free to add whatever you think is of value to any visitor. This will appear as description once somebody views your congregation's site
  5. If the town/city your congregation is located in isn't specified in the title then you must add it to the description above somehow. If not, then searching for your town/city will fail
  6. Set your featured image which typically should be a photograph of your church building. This picture appears as snapshot in all search lists
  7. Type in your congregation's address. This is an essential step in order for travelers to find your location on the map. Once typed then click on "Find address on map". This will automatically fill in the GPS coordinates
  8. If you wish to have a congregation street view then do as follows: Go to map and pick the stick figure (little yellow man to the left) & drag it to your desired location. Preferably congregation building front view
  9. Continue filling out as many options as possible. Don't add a "http://" in front of your web address. Add languages spoken or what kind of translation possibilities exist
  10. Fill in the opening hours. Be as precise as possible. Example: Sunday: 9am - 10am Bible Study; 10am - 11:30am Worship Service; 6pm - 7pm Evening Worship Service
  11. Add a contact
  12. Also, fill out the excerpt. This one appears in the search result list as a little description
  13. You may allow comments but this is discouraged: Only the super administrator can delete comments. So please keep this in mind when turning on
  14. Once you are satisfied with your text, press the "Submit for Review" button in the top right. This will trigger an administrator notification & he then will overview your submitting and approve it. Once approval has been granted then your congregation will appear in the directory
  15. Again, keep in mind that you can always change your content - without paying anything

How do I update my listing?

  1. Log in. This will direct you to our administration panel.
  2. Click on your listing.
  3. Edit whatever needs to be updated. Once satisfied click the Update button.

Is the church of Christ directory a search engine?

No. This directory site has no capability to crawl the web for churches of Christ.
It is a directory in the 'classical sense' where one must add (actively) a congregation. In other words, human (and not machine) interaction is required. Further, an agreement must be accepted in order to signup. A machine wouldn't be able to do so.

Why isn't my congregation visible on map?

Have you freshly added your congregation as 'item' to the directory & pressed the 'Submit for Review' button at the top of page?
Most likely your item is awaiting approval from the administrator. Once granted, then your congregation will be visible on map.

If a congregation is not listed, can the coCD provide me with information regarding a congregation close to me?

No, we can not. Again, we are not a search engine but a directory in the "classical" sense. All we can do is forward you to a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Who is behind the initiative?

It's Ben from the church of Christ in Basel, Switzerland and Josh from the Valley Church of Christ in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

We firmly believe in the autonomy of each congregation. That's why we wanted to create this service where each congregation can publish it's own content and has full control over it.
Sadly, some congregations who carry the same name have left the path of truth and think by introducing modernism into the church (or being stuck in tradition) they can overcome some of the challenges we are faced with today. Search engines (machines) can't make these kind of distinctions, so we need to have human beings that make the effort to sign up their pure biblical based congregation.